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Re: Howto checkout amiga-fdisk sources?

I have not tried LVM on m68k, but why should it not work? I am
running low on harddisks, especially IDE disks are not easy/cheap
to get nowadays, unless you buy used... that will become a problem
for m68k in the long run.

SATA-IDE adapters are about $10 USD. I've used 2 TB drives on my A4000's IDE without a problem, but they're obviously faster on a SCSI bus (with SATA-IDE and IDE-SCSI).

the "viewvc" URL does not work. Just got a HD > 4G, which I can't
partition with HDToolBox :( So I need amiga-fdisk.

HDToolBox works fine with drives larger than 4 gigaytes. You just need to figure out all the numbers yourself (tracks, heads, sectors per track) and partition based on your own numbers, not based on the GUI slider.


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