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Re: Please drop not-for-us for the package stockfish

Oliver Korff dixit:

> I believe, that stockfish will build fine after solving the old build
> problems.

The following excerpts from the build log show that it will
not be all fine:

|cd src && make profile-build ARCH=x86-32-old && make testrun

(This is not i386)

|debug: 'no'
|optimize: 'yes'
|arch: 'i386'
|os: 'any'
|bits: '32'
|bigendian: 'no'
|prefetch: 'no'
|bsfq: 'no'
|popcnt: 'no'

Here, arch and bigendian are wrong (no idea what bsfq or popcnt
are or whether the meaning of prefetch matches).

Also, I have DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='nobench nocheck' set, which your
package doesn’t honour:

|Step 1/4. Building executable for benchmark ...
|make ARCH=x86-32-old COMP=gcc gcc-profile-make

This is stockfish_2.1.1-1 FYI. You will need to fix these problems.

//mirabilos, human m68k buildd
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what about xfs, and if only i had waited until reiser4 was ready... in the be-
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was still ffs, and the sys admins knew it was good. :)  -- Ted Unangst über *fs

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