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Re: Status

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 04:38:21PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> cts is uploading games packages, maybe he can join the m68k
>> fun once again?
>You are playing "my" games? Then you might have noticed that some of them

No, I just read d-d-changes at the moment, to catch when packages
are to be rebuilt (in lieu of wanna-build)…

>Then, after I return from the python summer school, I will switch to m68k

OK, cool, thanks!

>again. But I have no working m68k buildd here. Two or three Amigas should
>power up, but the kernel problems I had on crest (ariadne driver) are still
>not solved, as far as I know. If I want to build current packages, I need to

Ouch. (Talk to the linux-m68k people about this, though.)

>run a current kernel, preferably with a working network card, otherwise it

Yep. You need one with TLS at least. (I think 2.6.34 or .35 upstream.)
You _can_ run a self-compiled one (although 3.0.0-3 in the archive,
which equals 3.0.3 + Debian, works on ARAnyM, and IMHO we should make
it work on the buildds as well).

<ch> you introduced a merge commit        │<mika> % g rebase -i HEAD^^
<mika> sorry, no idea and rebasing just fscked │<mika> Segmentation
<ch> should have cloned into a clean repo      │  fault (core dumped)
<ch> if I rebase that now, it's really ugh     │<mika:#grml> wuahhhhhh

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