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Hi all,

I’ve uploaded current gcc-4.4 and gcj-4.4 packages with the
most recent Multiarsch breakage fixed to unreleased, hoping
the next unstable upload will include the patches.

I’d really appreciate if someone (with either cowbuilder or
sbuild, preferably buildd/wanna-build) could upload X-rela‐
ted packages now, as the unability to have those up-to-date
hurts build-dep fulfilling quite a lot at this point.

Kernel and libc are OK, except for #636286, and gcc-4.6 are
currently blocked by the same multiarsch bug and #633754 (a
gcj FTBFS, hindering us transitioning to gcc-4.6 as default

elfutils still need porting, I don’t know DWARF…

cts is uploading games packages, maybe he can join the m68k
fun once again?

It’s a good time to join now, before the next breakages are
starting again (Perl 5.14 transition comes to mind, but the
5.12 transition was not too difficult, so I can handle this

Yay for having to rewrite other people's Bash scripts because bash
suddenly stopped supporting the bash extensions they make use of
	-- Tonnerre Lombard in #nosec

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