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Re: Rebuild d-i? And status update.

I hear you. I've been a slacker. :-)

I've been meaning to setup a buildd and start back on d-i. Now that my
kids are about out of school for the summer, maybe ....

Things have changed a bit since I last built d-i. We start by trying to
build dailies. The build-deps to the debian-installer source package
should keep us busy enough.




On Thu, May 26, 2011 2:18 pm, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Hi (Stephen mostly, I think),
> now that I've built almost all packages up to Priority: standard,
> I think you could maybe try for another d-i image like the one
> cts recently used, with up-to-date packages, TLS kernel, etc.
> Please â??compileâ?? a list of Debian source packages I need to
> compile (hah!) to get this done; weâ??ll probably need one of
> these linux-kernel-di-* packages too, but I have no knowledge
> of d-i or how to make them. Can you contact the d-i/d-boot
> people and get the necessary source packages to me?
> If source packages are arch:m68k, they will need to have
> unreleased instead of unstable in its distribution field.
> Iâ??ve already uploaded atari-{bootstrap,fdisk} there, as
> they had been binary-only in d-p.org/unstable.
> Ah well, new exim4 and mutt coming later tonight, and I
> think that finishes that line. My next tasks are mainly
> finally making a new Aranym/Quick base image (gah, didnâ??t
> I want to have that done by December 2010?) and hacking on
> elfutils, maybe succeeding to make a port to m68k that
> passes the testsuite. (If anyone else with better knowledge
> on DWARF wants toâ?¦ be my guest.) Itâ??s not only a build-dep
> of the kernel but also of gcc-4.6, which you probably have
> surmised is next on the list. (We will ignore gcc-4.5, I
> have it on good authority that wheezy will not be released
> with gcc-4.5. No idea as to gcc-4.4, or if/when the kernel
> team will want to use gcc-4.6, but I fear delaying it any
> longer isâ?¦ not good.)
> cts: How is your progress? Weâ??re at the stage where, I
> think, we can â??justâ?? let a buildd run to mass-compile one
> package after the other (as I said, Iâ??m *not* going to
> recompile the dependency hell that X is). If you run into
> uninstallability problems, check 0-NOTE.txt in my bootstrap
> repo, it contains stanzas for /etc/apt/preferences in the
> build chroot. (You _will_ have to remove entries for the X
> packages while building them, though.) Iâ??ve heard 2.6.39-1
> works fine for you, which Iâ??m glad for. (Besides the vga
> issue, no trouble for me either yet.)
> I uploaded the last base.cow*.tgz (yeah gzip this time)
> about two weeks ago, and itâ??s still good (just run a
> cowbuilder --update before using) for now. It probably
> will suffice as buildd chroot, too.
> bye,
> //mirabilos
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