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You want to help Debian/m68k? Then binNMU (or just build) Perl rdepends!

Hi everyone,

I’ve uploaded perl 5.12 and the first batch of its reverse dependencies
(everything in Priority: required), more will follow. But from what I’ve
read this is going to be some 400 packages (ok, most of them are probab-
ly arch:all)… so if anyone wants to help out, do it NOW. (This is a good
job for a “real” buildd, complete with wanna-build and all. I think, the
wanna-build database is even being filled in with info from the Perl and
RM teams as we speak… remember I didn’t manage to get a buildd set up,
so… here’s your chance ☺)

I’m working on eglibc and python 2.6, 2.7 _and_ 3.2 in the meanwhile,
plus there was that GNAT thing (although the “ball” is now in the hands
of the GCC/GNAT developers)… and I’m waiting for uploads of linux-2.6
(first to have our patches in the standard package), openldap and cyrus-
sasl2 (fix FTBFS to get the db and openssl transitions done), etc.

The good thing, though, is:

Priority: required + Build-Essential: yes
⇒ almost 100% up to date
⇒ eglibc and kernel transitioning to unstable from unreleased now

Priority: important
⇒ up to date except udev and vim, which are installable but cannot
  easily be rebuilt, without building most of GNOME that is, and I
  said I won’t tackle X11 (while using /dev/brain as dependency
  resolution algorithm)

Priority: standard
⇒ almost everything up to date, too; exceptions:
  • openldap, cyrus-sasl2, krb5
  • their reverse dependencies
  • stuff being worked on (Perl, Python, …)
  • failing stuff (w3m)

I’ve even NMU’d some packages to unstable to get them built faster;
db4.7 is now gone from my “set of packages” and db4.8 is only still
needed by Python; things look equally good for OpenSSL.

15:41⎜<Lo-lan-do:#fusionforge> Somebody write a testsuite for helloworld :-)

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