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Debian/m68k kernel status

I uploaded 2.6.32-30+m68k.5 to d-p.o unreleased, with a much reduced
set of patches, since the old ones Stephen committed were removed.

WFM on ARAnyM. However, EtherNEC and FAT patches are missing, beware.
On the other hand, I resynched those I took with Geert’s repo. Also
there are some new ones, like reserved ST-RAM for framebuffer (works)
and Al Viro’s signal patchset.

The linux-2.6 maintainers have made it clear that 2.6.32 is considered
frozen and will be dropped post-squeeze, also I should work on 2.6.38
instead. With help from linux-m68k I have ideas where to start (e.g.
replace SLUB by SLAB), after my earlier attempt of 2.6.37 didn’t boot.
See <4D465998.60006@gmail.com> and the surrounding thread. (Intere-
stingly, config-2.6.32-5+m68k.5-atari has CONFIG_SLUB=y so… WTF.)

Just so you know / are kept updated. Besides me on ARAnyM, did anyone
have the chance to test or run this anywhere? (I know of some who did
not get the time or working hardware, so no need to restate that.)

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