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Re: Wiki

Scott Holder dixit:

> now not to assume a mailing list has itself as the reply-to.

Almost no mailing lists have – Reply-To mangling considered harmful.

> I think I've changed the format for this address to ASCII. It's been awhile

I think you wrote in ASCII but the part you cited was sent as 8-bit
unencoded where my mailserver refuses that as it’s not allowed with-
out some extensions. Normally, your MTA *must* re-encode the mail
then, but e.g. Drexim is known for not doing that and thus violating
the SMTP protocol. (Actually, it’s att.net being at wrong here.) If
you set your MUA to quoted-printable the problem will not arise either.

[ A/UX ]
> Give me a bit

Sure, I’ve waited for years, a bit more isn’t that bad.

> Not sure about compilers, it's pretty much just a
> default install right now but I'm pretty handy with such things and can likely
> get something installed no problem.

That would be great.

> Haven't had a chance to check on the 2.6 kernels. I did manage to get a
> dist-upgrade to something claiming to be etch-m68k going last night, was still
> churning away this morning stuck on a question. We'll see how it goes. At least
> it has Firefox 2.x!

Good luck, then! Note that, for unstable, you definitively need
at least 2.6.32-23 (Debian) or up, due to TLS support.

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