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Re: progress

Geert Uytterhoeven dixit:

>> root@zigo:~ # qemu-m68k ./hello
>> Segmentation fault

>> (Looks as if qemu isn’t up to it…)
>It's limited to Coldfire, and doesn't handle an MMU?

It's supposedly the user-space emulation. But that was just the
check from https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingCrossCompilers so no
worries. It worked on the real thing after all.

<ch> you introduced a merge commit        │<mika> % g rebase -i HEAD^^
<mika> sorry, no idea and rebasing just fscked │<mika> Segmentation
<ch> should have cloned into a clean repo      │  fault (core dumped)
<ch> if I rebase that now, it's really ugh     │<mika:#grml> wuahhhhhh

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