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Re: Bug#608247: dpkg-architecture is slow

On Wed, 29 Dec 2010, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> I never meant this as bug report, just a sort of heads-up. If it is
> unfixable, unless things are rewritten in non-Perl, that’s the way
> it is.

Well, obviously Jonathan thought something else.

But he provides patches from time to time so I have some hopes that it
means he's interested to look into the issue. :-)

> But still, I see a lot of slowness when building packages on
> m68k that is probably overlooked elsewhere; things where packages’
> binary-arch makefile-depends on an excessive binary-indep (is this
> a bug? if so, I’ll report against git), dh5/dh7/cdbs relative slow-
> ness (and other home-brewn build systems which are even worse), etc.

I don't see why binary-arch should depend on binary-indep, but maybe the
git maintainer has a reason. Ask him, Jonathan is almost co-maintaining
it. :-)

> >Thorsten, can you generate the profiling data on your machine so that we
> >have a better idea of how it runs for you?
> Sure. It’s a VM though, so someone with real hardware might be able
> to provide “better” data.

I was expecting that the problem was with slow I/O but that seems unlikely
on such a setup. The output does not differ much from my own run except
that it takes several seconds instead of a few milliseconds.

It seems really that perl is just slow on your setup. The biggest part of
the time is spent on the main code which does really nothing fancy. Maybe
accessing %ENV is really slow for some reason... I don't know.

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