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Re: Bug#608247: dpkg-architecture is slow

Raphael Hertzog dixit:

>with concrete optimizations, a bug report saying "it's slow" is useless.

I never meant this as bug report, just a sort of heads-up. If it is
unfixable, unless things are rewritten in non-Perl, that’s the way
it is. But still, I see a lot of slowness when building packages on
m68k that is probably overlooked elsewhere; things where packages’
binary-arch makefile-depends on an excessive binary-indep (is this
a bug? if so, I’ll report against git), dh5/dh7/cdbs relative slow-
ness (and other home-brewn build systems which are even worse), etc.

>Thorsten, can you generate the profiling data on your machine so that we
>have a better idea of how it runs for you?

Sure. It’s a VM though, so someone with real hardware might be able
to provide “better” data.

>perl -d:Profile /usr/bin/dpkg-architecture

I’m running this in “eatmydata cowbuilder --login” after updating
the chroot now. This host system (3 GHz Athlon) is faster though,
so I get an emulated 233 MHz 68040 instead of the 60 MHz one from
a 1 GHz Athlon the initial one ran on.

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