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Re: FS: Mac m68k stuff. free to good home.

On 9/6/10, Michael Tomkins <michft@gmail.com> wrote:

> <DistCC cluster> The following had been setup as a distcc cluster but
> got nowhere with increasingly patched kernels and out of date distros.

I got a distcc setup using a crosscompiler on a powermac, that gave a
3-4 X speedup.
Since it used only about 20% of cpu on a g3-250mhz I would assume that
just about any powermac would do... (the porters on the list thought
that the bottleneck there was the cpreprocesor but I thought it was
networking related, maybe it was both).

just to let you know in case you feel like trying again, it was pretty
easy to get there even though I didn't use it much.

however I thought it might be interesting to try with such a setup
building '040 optimized versions of some software to see how much
speedup there, since the binary packages only use the basic '020

just a  thought. without distcc it took about 40hours to compile emacs
on 33mhz'040. I guess if I were to build anything '040 optimized the
first thing would be the compiler ...


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