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Re: g++-4.4 failings

On Fri, 23 Apr 2010, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> Hi,
> I wrote my findings here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/gcc-4.4/+bug/514579

You said on launchpad, "libgfortran cannot be built multilib because one 
of the system includes contains inline assembly that is invalid with 

Which makes me wonder whether you are referring to etch system includes? 

If so, since you don't need fortran to build sid libc, perhaps avoid 
building that language until you have sid system includes.

When I cross-compiled sid gcc-4.4, I had to remove debian's 
"multiarch-include" patch. I'm not sure whether this relates to your 
problem. SH4 had some issues with it too:


BTW, if it is still there, debian's "m68k-allow-gnu99" patch should be 
removed before it causes problems.


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