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[laurent@vivier.eu: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 00/17] m68k: add partial Motorola 680x0 support]

I guess this might interest you guys :)
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This series of patches is a port to Qemu 0.10 of Andreas Schwab M68K patch
to support Motorola 680x0 CPU family.

It has been tested with some commands from a debian m68k lenny disk.

Commands like "uname", "date", "ls", "more", "grep" work well.

[PATCH 01/17] m68k: Replace gen_im32() by tcg_const_i32()
[PATCH 02/17] m68k: add tcg_gen_debug_insn_start()
[PATCH 03/17] m68k: define m680x0 CPUs and features
[PATCH 04/17] m68k: add missing accessing modes for some instructions.
[PATCH 05/17] m68k: add Motorola 680x0 family common instructions.
[PATCH 06/17] m68k: add Scc instruction with memory operand.
[PATCH 07/17] m68k: add DBcc instruction. 
[PATCH 08/17] m68k: modify movem instruction to manage word
[PATCH 09/17] m68k: add 64bit divide.
[PATCH 10/17] m68k: add 32bit and 64bit multiply
[PATCH 11/17] m68k: add word data size for suba/adda
[PATCH 12/17] m68k: add fpu
[PATCH 13/17] m68k: add "byte", "word" and memory shift
[PATCH 14/17] m68k: add "byte", "word" and memory rotate.
[PATCH 15/17] m68k: add bitfield_mem, bitfield_reg
[PATCH 16/17] m68k: add variable offset/width to bitfield_reg/bitfield_mem
[PATCH 17/17] m68k: add cas 

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