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Re: [rt.debian.org #1132] crest and kullervo admin address

> > > is there an email address (role account/list/alias/whatever) that will
> > > be the contact point for whoever will take over crest and kullervo from
> > > DSA?  Christian, Michael?
> > 
> > Please use schmitz-crest@debian.org and schmitz-kullervo@debian.org, I'll 
> > dispatch as necessary (anything that requires local presence will need to be 
> > handled by Christian or Ingo).
> Yes, I can "visit" crest and kullervo in case of emergency. Ingo is also
> able to do this, and Holger Levsen offered this as well, since he lives
> close the where the machines are located currently.

That's what I meant. Now that you mention Holger I recall you mentioned this 
before, sorry. 
> However, I do not want to adminster crest and kullervo and a day to day
> basis.

That's understood - I'll take care of that. Hope there's no further tricky 
openssh upgrades waiting to mess us up again :-) 


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