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I've been away from the Amiga and m68k world for a while but just got a new
drive to play around with debian.

Since I've had a go at NetBSD in between I had removed my previous woody
installation and now that I tried to install it again I found that I
couldn't get any packages through netinstall.

So, my question is this. Is it at all possible to do or do I have to
download and burn the cd images and install that way? Netinst would be
preferable but is there any ftp server where the complete dist is still

An alternative is of course to test a newer dist but I can't seem to find
any info on how to install either sarge or etch and not where to find the
files needed to start installing it, again the preferred way is netinst.

Would appreciate any suggestions. I just need to find either what I need to
get the newer distst started or an ftp server where woody is still



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