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happy new year

Before the new year finishes let me say Happy New Year to all m68k hackers!
This might be my only m68k contribution this year...

Joey and Ingo have asked about another m68k hacker meeting this year, as you
know we had a small meeting last year at the University of Kiel in, um,
August, September? If people are interested, I'd be happy to host you again
at the University, if you think the rooms and facilities we had are
sufficient for such a meeting. I am fairly sure that I can get the same
rooms again if we have the meeting on friday afternoon-sunday, especially
during the semester break (end of july - middle of october). If we want to
have another meeting, we should try to find possible dates a little earlier,
so that maybe Michael can come as well, and perhaps some people from the US.
The summer in Kiel is very nice, although you never know in advance which
week the summer will be... last year we were lucky, althouh in august or
september the chances for warm and dry weather are fairly high. There maybe
a couple of weeks where I am on business travel (or actually vacation), but
I think during the first half of august, I have duties at the Institute, so
I can not leave Kiel. Perfect time to have this meeting for me. But if you
prefer to have it later, I can look up my schedule for september and october

If you were ok with the rooms, the showers, the BBQ and the lectures, we
would not need much support (except for travel for faraway hackers?). If you
want something bigger, we should look for funding, and start doing that

This reminds me, I need to convert the videos and put them online somewhere...


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