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Re: newb question : list of elligible computers to debian-68k


That page for kernel 2.6 is at http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org/status/
And for kernel 2.2 it is http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org/status/v2.2/index.html

The reason it is complicated is that there were some Mac versions did not have a PMMU (Paged Memory Management Unit). A PMMU is essential for any 680x0 based Macintosh to run Linux.

Basically the first Macintosh computers that can run Debian are the SE/30, the Mac II series, and the Powerbook 140 as they do have PMMUs. Since Apple was rather innovative with hardware (a good thing generally) some features may work less than perfectly. I have an SE/30 for which I installed Debian potato with a 2.2 kernel. I upgraded to a 2.6 kernel and it's choppy now. When the etch version is all the way ready for m68k, I want to try a clean install.

Richard Waterfield

LilleTomte wrote:
Hi all,
Apologies if this is obvious but I could not find this info on the website : I understand that only 68k with MMU will work with debian 68k, but is there a list around with all the computers _known_ to work on this distribution ? It says on the site "Current Debian releases support Atari, Amiga, VMEbus, and some Macintosh systems." But I'd love to find something a bit more specific so I know what to look for.



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