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Re: Reviewing data in the debian-cd packages

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 05:41:57AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
>> I'll have to let Christian answer for the licensing of
>> cts_amiga_info.tar.gz. The rest of the amiga icons are in the d-i
>> repo. If these have clear licensing (I'm pretty sure they do) then
>> we should probably move them there too.
>> As I recall they were created either by or for Christian to use with
>> debian-cd. I don't believe they have a source form.
> IIRC the initial .info files (icon data needed by AmigaOS in order to 
> start particular install shell scripts) were created by Frank Neumann. 
> The others are by Christian. All were intended for distribution with the 
> install CDs (but Christian should perhaps confirm that). My impression 
> was that these files are created by some sort of resource editor which is 
> part of AmigaOS, so there's no source (though the file format should not 
> be too difficult to reverse engineer).
>> They probably shouldn't be living in tar archives anyway. :)
> Perhaps not - there may be special permissions required for these files 
> to be properly recognized, though (at least that's the case for start 
> scripts).

It looks like what I wrote for debian-cd used the standard unix tools.
Of course, that could be a problem as well.

> Christian has written a boot script that can fall back to a known good kernel
> on unsuccessful boot, maybe that can be added to whatever package gets to 
> provide the icon files as well?

Absolutely! Or we could add it to m68kboot with amiboot.



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