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Re: Unstable synced to debian port


aurel32 has finished syncing our unstable to Debian ports. If you run
a buildd, please point it to upload there, as well as use
debian-ports.org as your buildd server.

Stephen: Please add the buildd keys to the buildd_m68k account.

Just brilliant - that's actually what 'less than a month' meant when I asked about the timeframe on Sunday? :-(

It's actually a bit more than that.

* setup ssh keys on dports (done)
 * dd's who want direct access to w-b, send me your ssh key off list
 * buildd_m68k@debian-ports.org

buildd_m68k@b.d.o is still accessible it seems?

* incoming passwords on dports need to be created and the chroot
 sources.list need to be updated for the new passwords and the new

That needs to happen quick (the passwords to incoming.d.o are invalidated already).

* dupload configs need to be changed.
* buildd.conf needs wb changes, unstable distro only for now.
* ssh known hosts updated.


* disable binary uploads to ftp-master

My gcc-4.3 upload did still go to ftp-master, will it be transferres to ports?

* disable incoming passwords to ftp-master
* disable buildd_m68k@b.d.o

Unless I misunderstand something.

Sounds logical, just do stress that it's happening _now_.


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