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crosscompiler for etch or hardy (was Re: nfblock vs udev)

Petr Stehlík píše v Pá 29. 08. 2008 v 01:23 +0200:
> I am going to debug and fix it in the kernel itself as soon as  I get a
> (cross)compiler working.


can someone please help me with getting a cross compiler working on my
machines? I have tried to follow the Stephen's GCC 4.1/2/3 cross
compilers page but without success - he offers binary packages for sid
i386 (it seems) while I have Etch amd64 or Hardy amd64. Then I tried
Christian's crosstool HOWTO (updated 3 years ago) and it didn't work
either - failed after long time of compilation.

Don't you happen to have either an up-to-date HOWTO (similar to that
crosstool script, but working) or binaries for 64bit Etch or Hardy?



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