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Re: 2008 M68k Porter Meeting

The meeting will take place at the last weekend in August (29-31) at
the University of Kiel, Germany.  Details and participants are
collected here: <http://wiki.ffis.de/m68k/Meeting2008>

Two participants already arrived and the webcam is online, see the wiki for
details. The camera is in testmode, I switched audio off and it shows our
nice new library. It will move to the meeting room later, but if you want to
test if it works for you now, please do and report any problems, so I have a
chance to fix it before we need it.

Web access to the camera works for me at the lab, the live stream does not (connection refused to ports 554 and 7070). Works from home so it should be OK.

Do we need audio coming in or set up a real video conference? With whom?
Which software? We could use skype, we might also get SIP access (I have a
US number and a FWD account), but of course there is also IRC to ask

For the record: Skype does work using a miniDV camera over firewire. SIP I obviously haven't tried.

What to broadcast depend on the agenda you decide on - things like the future of the m68k port may make sense f.e. ...



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