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Re: Working with MDIO/MDC (SMI) to confgure 88E6060 switch

jkimble@one.net wrote:
> I'm trying to work with a Marvell 88E6060 on a custom board based on a
> Freescale Coldfire processor (MCF5484) running a Linux 2.6.10 kernel. All
> I need to do is configure the 88E6060 (it's a switch on a chip) to act as
> a VLAN. However I've never worked with the MDIO/MDC (SMI) interface and
> have no idea how to go about this.
In the 2.6.10 BSP you can see examples of using the MDIO interface in
the drivers/net/fec/* code.  The KS8721 PHY code (ks8721.c) would be
a good starting place.

You might also ask on the Freescale Forums.

> Can anyone give me some direction as to where to start? I can't find a
> thing beyond very generic stuff from Marvell and the Coldfire manual is
> no better. Any help/direction/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated..

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