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diablos, diablos2, and diablos3 online

I've got three aranym instances now functional on siren. Running distcc (I find ccache slows things down more on m68k then speeds up, but YMMV), the 4.3 compiler patch, and nfblock (running nice and stable once I killed udev). Aranym reports it as a 195Mhz 68040, and its seriously flying on how fast it goes.

It's a pity JIT and FullMMU don't work in Aranym ATM :-/.

Stephen: If you want to give me a list of packages, I'll have the buildds start right away:

diablos's SSH key (I need to generate the other ones)
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAnSV6ojpTyq4gBb1LPn2acxlRzb7CizFbR6zWP5MVdhf5ndY2nC1jrQv5+dP1TijLMRhFcCabb34U7uErv98PG64B0wVpPGG8F6f2ZdpCA/+IpxaAUmezhZCiAKtOBDfsEhrRgasyHsG+UqRlbf2fUrpMp9XSPEWiYvES7AGw/k8go3oVA8WcSs7pNsiN+4pwpF0d7KRJczNd87vgs3ttBdSORV7iXegq5Y0pwFiCt8en5/OKZLjJcblmMHdGqx9yeREqhdX/LUc8OMdrz5bC90uGnpwGneQ54TuN7tdFCs4YbgXR5HEFMf8FxyzpfGB89MPLnmhLdU8EsmWWeuUaXw== root@di

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