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Re: kernel

On Tue, 1 Jul 2008, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Roman Zippel wrote:
> > > Roman, what if the nfblock had major_num 8 by default?
> > 
> > That value is reserved, so I'm very reluctant to use it as default
> I see. Well as long as ARAnyM doesn't emulate SCSI drives it is IMHO safe to
> use that.

Using a dynamic major number is the way to go, though.

> > In either case this won't change anything about the problem
> Sorry but I don't understand what the problem is. If it appeared as /dev/sdX
> devices then the kernel would scan them, found the partitions and then
> automount would mount them (I know nobody sane uses automount :-)

Partition scanning by the kernel has nothing to do with that.

It depends on the registration of the block device or gendisk (IIRC
there's a flag for that, that's why it doesn't work for /dev/loop); if
the kernel finds a recognized partition table format, it will scan for

nfblock does use alloc_disk(16), and sets dev->disk->first_minor =
dev_id * 16, so there should be space for 15 partitions.

Note that I haven't tried nfblock myself. I did a quick compare with
ps3disk (which is quite simple and which I know does support
partitions), but didn't see anything obvious.



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