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Re: kernel

Michael Schmitz wrote:
that was evident. Since most linux based distros don't include Atari
PTBL support in their kernels this won't help much, unfortunately.
Avoiding the PTBL incompatibilities by accessing the partitions directly
is still the better solution, IMHO.

If you forgot to include a 'without that silly bootblock', I'd actually
agree with you. :)
The main problem is simply nothing under Linux knows about PTBL, adding
that support would be quite a bit of work and all they would do is to just
ignore it anyway.

I must be missing something - surely adding Atari partition table support to distribution kernels on other architectures is not all that hard

The funny thing is that with the ARAnyM partition approach we don't need the host to know about the Atari PTBL _at all_ so Roman's reply is very confusing (to me at least).


P.S. please note that I haven't had a chance to try out the nfblock yet - I am just trying to explain how I it should be working in linux-m68k based on my experience with this in EmuTOS and FreeMiNT...

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