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[buildd] wanna-build

Another week passes and we still don't have wanna-build access.


* move to debian-ports 
  * already hosting kfreebsd and hurd
  * already have support for incoming
  * gave me access to buildd_m68k as well as my own account 
    on the machine (I was playing with a possible etch-m68k
    w-b there.)
  * seem responsive
  * I haven't contacted them about this yet

* host our own

* continue on at b.d.o
  * I grow weary :)

* contact leader@


* The main issue I see with moving is the perception that we will or
  should lose ArchQualification and get dropped from sid. (Maybe we
  should, but that should be a separate conversation.)

* Coordinating with debian-release so that give-backs and dep-waits get
  set in the new db.

* Coordinating with buildd-team to preserve as much status as possible
  during the transition, then deleting the old db afterwards. (Which
  would be more work that fixing the current access, I should think.)


Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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