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Re: Amiga bootloader?

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, Nigel Tamplin wrote:
Is anyone booting an Amiga directly (not via AmigaOS / amiboot) into Debian
from the hard disk?

If so what bootloader are you using?


I had found a link to amiga-lilo-2.3.tar.gz when searching this list, is that the current/correct version to use?

I've installed Debian Etch on my A1200's hard disk.  The disk is partitioned
with a PC BIOS partition table and used entirely for Debian.  Without a
bootloader I have a rather convoluted boot process :)

Amiga Kickstart cannot boot from a disk with a PC BIOS partition table.
It needs an Amiga RDB-style partition table.

Thanks for the info. If Kickstart needs RDB then so do I. I've /dev/zero'd the PC BIOS partition table and recreated an RDB partition table using amiga-fdisk. Currently reinstalling Etch into the new file systems.


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