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Re: SCSI driver for CyberStorm Mk1 in kernel 2.6.25-m68k missing?


Hmmm, it was still working in 2.6.24-1-amiga I used to install that
Yep, they got removed in 2.6.25. As usual, I take patches (and put them
on the fast-track) to revive them using the new esp driver core...

Erm, well, it's difficult to send patches when you're not a programmer and
don't have direct access to the machine anymore. ;)
And testing kernels is difficult as well then. :-(

Well, I haven't been born a Linux developer either :-).

But maybe some other people on the list can do that?

Cooking up a patch, maybe. I still have the Atari SCSI driver to test, and the EtherNAT driver to test and debug. That's hardware I have in the basement (though it is mostly busy as buildd) Testing a SCSI driver remotely is quite something else, though.


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