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Re: [buildd] getting w-b access back?

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > > My two Quadra 950's work great with the all the modern debian 
> > > kernels.
> >
> > There is one annoying bug that affects my 950. Sometimes the IOP ADB 
> > driver gets confused during ADB probing and you end up with no 
> > keyboard or mouse. By "sometimes", I mean about 1 boot in 5. I've 
> > tried to fix it, but no joy so far. But, if you get past the probe, it 
> > seems to be fine. If this is a problem, you could always boot single 
> > user, so that the boot process never gets to mount anything r/w unless 
> > the keyboard works.
> How about re-probing the ADB bus later on (from the booted system) when 
> no devices have been found?

I think the probe thread gets deadlocked...

> (I recall this wasn't really possible way back when, but with all the 
> PowerPC work gone into the kernel, it might stand a better chance now.)
> Anyway, four out of five working isn't half bad. I recall one quirky 
> driver (Mac SE??) that worked one out of five or so.

Mac IIsi (aka Egret) ADB driver probably. It appeared on the LC III and 
IIvi/IIvx as well. You'd be lucky if it worked at all after 2.2 kernels.


> 	Michael

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