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Re: Serial Console Support in Kernel


(Geert: could we leave the corresponding chunk in chipram untouched for
reading it out using a different kernel (or different parameter, like
debug=getmem ??)

Should be possible. Probably the nicest would be to copy the old data
somewhere else, and provide it to the user of the new kernel through sysfs...

Thanks, I'll look into that. crest spontaneously rebooted two days ago; debug=mem might help, well, debug that.

Would be nice to have, yes, but it's difficult to use when there's a
non-booting kernel and you can't change the commandline remotely to boot
another kernel. ;)

One of my wild plans is to get kexec working.  Then you can boot your test
kernel using kexec. If it crashes, just reboot, and the normal bootloader
boots the known-good kernel.

Wild plans indeed :-)

A real Amiga bootloader with serial console would be really great for this!

Hey, amiga-lilo does have serial support!

Good, now we just have to get all these boxes to use amiga-lilo (from memory, at least kullervo needs to load some sort of AmigaOS 060 support library before amiboot works - does amiga-lilo require such tricks as well?)



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