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Re: Serial Console Support in Kernel

Debian kernel was without serial console support. I believe it would be nice
to have this enabled by default, so could you please do so? TIA! :)

Just tell me which option I need to activate, and I will try to include that
in the next images, and I can also build some test images for you.

CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE is the config option.

AFAICS Amiga only offers two options - debug=mem saves the dmesg buffer in chip RAM for later reading by AmigaOS dmesg. Not too useful for us (Geert: could we leave the corresponding chunk in chipram untouched for reading it out using a different kernel (or different parameter, like debug=getmem ??)

debug=ser is active once consoles have been set up (and it looks like you should be able to use it as command console as well).



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