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Re: Serial Console Support in Kernel

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 09:28:40AM +0200, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Jun 2008, Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> > Would be nice to have, yes, but it's difficult to use when there's a
> > non-booting kernel and you can't change the commandline remotely to boot
> > another kernel. ;) 
> One of my wild plans is to get kexec working.  Then you can boot your test
> kernel using kexec. If it crashes, just reboot, and the normal bootloader
> boots the known-good kernel.

Yes, that would be great, especially when the IP power switches are
installed at the data center. ;) 

IIRC, Smurf did some Amiga Shell scripting to emulate a similar behavior:
if a certain file exists, rename it and boot that file/kernel. On the next
boot the old kernel is loaded. That way a new kernel could be tested and if
it's working properly it can be installed the proper way as the default

Hmmm, maybe I (or someone else) can write such a script... 

> > A real Amiga bootloader with serial console would be really great for this!
> > ;)
> Hey, amiga-lilo does have serial support!

Oh, amiga-lilo is actually working? Last I heard was that it had some issues
and development was stuck. 

> > > debug=ser is active once consoles have been set up (and it looks like you 
> > > should be able to use it as command console as well).
> > Well, when the consoles are up you can use the normal serial console as
> > well. I don't know what's the difference when you set debug=ser without
> > looking it up...  
> debug=ser also gives you kernel messages, inclusing early debug
> console=ttyS0 gives you `late' kernel messages, plus user space console

Ah, ok, I'll add debug=ser on Elgar then... 

> > Anyway, it would be nice to have a serial console (system messages during
> > boot) as soon as possible and we should setup at least Crest as well for
> > using such a serial console. Due to it's VGA output and the FlickerFixer,
> > Kullervo don't need this as urgent as Crest and Elgar, IMHO... 
> Then you should probably use `debug=ser console=ttyS0', and set up
> amiga-lilo to use the serial console.

Well, I would prefer to test amiga-lilo locally before setting it up on
remote hosts. ;) 
But adding the kernel params is a quick fix... ;)

Erm, where can I get amiga-lilo? Aminet?

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