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Re: [buildd] getting w-b access back?

Hi Stephen,

If I can be of any service in helping to get the m68k buildds access to
buildd.d.o again or anything else, please let me know.

Ryan replied back, so here we go. He wants new keys and updated email
addresses. I plan to generate new keys and I have email addresses for
all the current buildds except hobbes, quickstep, and jazz. The latter
two of which I don't know if they're still functioning or not.

Thanks for sorting this out. New keys for crest and kullervo follow by PM right away. New keys for q650 and hobbes as soon as I have dug them out.

If you think you're about to have a new buildd, let me know. I'll set
it up.

Christian: do you plan on reviving aahz, garkin, and/or tanda?

I plan on getting this done today, so any response is better early than
late. :)

I know, I should have sent them a lot sooner ...

Anyway, I've spent some time here getting all sorts of weird and wonderful molecular graphics packages ported/backported to a range of testing and unstable installations, and I think we should seriosuly tweak package priorities on some of those, if not toss them out entirely. Anything that lists OpenGL as runtime requirement would be fair game IMO.

Plus there still is a lot of build-dependency errors around. Maybe I should hook up a ix86 buildd in parallel to hobbes and only queue a build on hobbes if it could be done on ix86?

End of rant ...


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