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Re: Etch install on A1200. Floating point exception

Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 03:11:44PM -0500, Stephen R Marenka wrote:

1 - iso-scan.postinst and db_progress do not handle the situation of no devices found
Which brings to mind the question of whether hd-media has *ever* been
tested on amiga. :)

Uh? hd-media? You mean downloading lots of files and then scan the Amiga
Filesystem to install the packages from there? IIRC I did that back then
with debian 2.0 or so...

hd-media mounts every partition it can find looking for the debian iso file in the top level. If it can find the iso it mounts it (via loop) and gets the install files from there. So you don't have to download lots of files, just one big iso file (containing lots of files :) )

I'm trying a network install now using the nativehd inird. Although I'm a bit stuck with this as the nativehd initrd is missing a couple of modules I need for my pcmcia network card. The modules I need for vmlinuz-2.6.24-1-amiga are

 - kernel/drivers/net/mii.ko
 - kernel/drivers/net/8139too.ko

but I haven't been able to find them. Does anyone know where I can download these modules (or the package they're in) from?

Once I get these modules I will add them to the initrd and see if I can get my network card working to proceed with the install.

2 - vmlinuz-2.6.24-1-amiga does not see my A1200's IDE hard disk
Odd. I'm rather sure some of our amiga's are using IDE. (amiga guys?)

Crest, Elgar and Vivaldi are having IDE controllers where at least Elgar is
booting from IDE and is using kernel 2.6.24-1-amiga as well.
However I'm unable to mount initrd using vmlinuz-2.6.18-4-amiga so using this older kernel for installation is not an option.
Make me wonder if your controller isn't enabled or is a module in
2.6.24, while being built-in in 2.6.18. Although from looking at the
2.6.25 configs, it looks like GAYLE is builtin. Hopefully one of our amiga guys can help out here.

As said: at least Elgar is booting off an IDE disk with 2.6.24-1-amiga.

Er, I'm not sure if Elgar is a person or a host?

Assuming Elgar is a host... Could someone with access to Elgar have a look and see if there are any special kernel boot arguments?



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