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Re: Etch install on A1200. Floating point exception

On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 12:14:13AM +0100, Nigel wrote:
> Hello,
> I thought I'd give Debian a go on my Amiga A1200 (with 68030 CPU/MMU,  
> 68882 FPU & 32MB RAM).
> I downloaded a kernel (kernels/vmlinuz-2.6.24-1-amiga) and initrd  
> (hd-media/initrd.gz) from  
> http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/images-m68k/daily/
> Transferred (the decompressed) kernel and initrd to my A1200 and booted  
> with:
> amiboot -d -k vmlinuz-2.6.24-1-amiga -r initrd.gz root=/dev/ram video=pal

Interesting, I thought fb=false was also required for amiga. I suppose 
that got fixed.

> And my A1200 booted into the installer. (I am impressed!)
> The installer proceeds in low memory mode, I select region then country  
> and reach the  "Detecting hardware to find drives" screen.  Once the  
> progress bar completes I get a blank blue screen, and after a minute or  
> so the message "Floating point exception" is displayed  
> /sbin/debian-installer exits, init restarts it and the "Detecting  
> hardware to find drives" is repeated.  This loops around and around and  
> blocks the install.

I guess we're going to need to figure out that FPE.

> I suspect my problem is caused by my choice of kernel and initrd coming  
> from a "daily" directory.  So my question is:
> Q) Am I using the correct kernel+initrd / install procedure to install  
> Etch on my A1200?

I would say yes. The etch release media wasn't tested (by me) after the
etch-m68k release (where the distribution name got changed). The daily
installer with suite etch-m68k is the best tested combination of d-i
since before etch released. (I just haven't done it lately.)

You need to add suite=etch-m68k and modules=etch-support on the kernel
command line to get etch, see also
(Okay, I haven't verified that modules=etch-support is the correct
solution yet, but it sounds right.)

Unfortunately, none of this gets your past the FPE.

I haven't figured out what package generates the "Detecting hardware to 
find drives" screen. I'd like to see what it's doing when the FPE gets



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