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latest cdimage?

I am trying to resurrect my amiga and I am looking for a CD to install off.
All CDs I have here have some problems, like missing info files, no
uncompressed or missing kernels or a too small ramdisk_size as boot
parameter. I just found Stephens daily build, but there is no CD image, do I
have to download everything and build it myself?

Has anybody tried to install lenny yet? The amiga bootargs use:
ramdisk_size=9000, previously we used 13000, but both seem to be too small,
even 64000 gave me attempt to access beyond end of device. If this size is
in kbyte, I can not use much larger values, or would it help to uncompress
the initrd also?

Next question, does anybody else have a lyra keyboard adapter? My Amiga
keyboards are no fun to type on, so I tried again to use a PS/2 keyboard
with the lyra adapter. It works fine most of the time in AmigaOS (the floppy
with the 060 libraries and patches has a problem, but my custom made
install3.1 floppy, which has this library installed, works fine, also once
it is installed, it seems to work with no problems). However, in Linux, I
never got it to work, some years ago I had a look at the kernel, but did not
get very far. With the 2.6.18 kernel, I get this message whenever I type a
key, and no keypress is ever recognized:

amikeyb: unknown keyboard communication code 0xff

With 2.6.24, I get a slightly different message, but the keyboard does not
work either. Any clues? Any patches I could test? I guess I can boot a
kernel without having linux installed, but a full install (or a hint how to
install the AOS drivers for the Aridadne2, the installation from the
floppies fails) would make transfering kernel files easier.


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