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Re: freegeek and m68k

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 04:35:33PM -0800, vagrant@freegeek.org wrote:
> i've noticed we get a fair number of m68k macs, and they mostly just go
> directly to recycling. we get a variety of Quadras and Performas. i
> guess the quadras are the higher-end of the spectrum?
> if folks let me know what models would be useful, i can try and set them
> aside and install debian on them, if folks could help with that.

Yes, the Quadras were in general the best m68k Macs. It depends on the
model, however. I would think the best ones in terms of development
would be the Q900/Q950/WGS95 due to the relatively high max memory and
the Q660AV/Q840AV due to having real DMA. I know I'd love to find
a WGS95 with the PDS SCSI card for the improved disk performance. I
already have a Q840AV.

However, we do sometimes just need more systems to add support for
some of the odd hardware. Apple had a habit of changing things.
Depending on how much testing you could do, a variety from the
oldest supported (Mac II) to the later models and any expansion
cards you can find could help in terms of testing everything.

> also, i'd like to try and get some of this hardware to developers who
> could use it.  i hear most of the m68k folks are in europe, but if
> anyone's ever visiting near freegeek and would like some hardware, i'd
> be glad to try and arrange it.

Actually we're pretty well spread out. Many of the prominent Amiga
and Atari focused people are in Europe, but several of the Mac
focused people are not.

	Brad Boyer

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