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freegeek and m68k

greetings folks.

i've worked and volunteered at freegeek (http://freegeek.org) in
portland, oregon, usa. the basic jist of freegeek is we take in old,
unwanted computer equipment and attempt to refurbish and get it back
into use, or responsibly recycle it.

i've noticed we get a fair number of m68k macs, and they mostly just go
directly to recycling. we get a variety of Quadras and Performas. i
guess the quadras are the higher-end of the spectrum?

once in a great while, we see a few Amigas, and we even have a few NeXT

if folks let me know what models would be useful, i can try and set them
aside and install debian on them, if folks could help with that.

also, i'd like to try and get some of this hardware to developers who
could use it.  i hear most of the m68k folks are in europe, but if
anyone's ever visiting near freegeek and would like some hardware, i'd
be glad to try and arrange it.

you could file a hardware grant request at (mention me as a freegeek
contact): http://freegeek.org/grants

also, please CC me directly if anyone replies to this thread, i'm not
currently subscribed to the mailing list.

live well,

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