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Re: [No common CD-ROM drive was detected]

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Da: stephen@marenka.net
Data: 11-feb-2008 
A: <debian-68k@lists.debian.org>
Ogg: Re: [No common CD-ROM drive 
was detected]

> I've sort of gotten lost here. I believe you are using 
a custom kernel 
> and a daily initrd? Which cdrom are you using?

try to explain my situation:
I want to try to install Debian Sarge (3.1 
R7) on my Amiga 4000T. The kernel included in that distribution, 
2.4.27, doesn't support the buil-in SCSI controller well (NCR 53C710) 
and goes into kernel panic.
I dowloaded a 2.6.24 experimental kernel 
made by Christian with enabled support for 53C710, using the right 
patches. It is still missing some modules (SCSI CD-ROM, isofs) needed 
for installation from CD-ROM but, after manually installing these 
drivers, the CD media is recognized. Yes, I am using a daily intrd.
problem is that the installer seems to be looking at modules for 2.6.24 
kernel on the Debian CD and finds none, so I am stuck here...


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