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Re: gcc packages on m68k?


> Is there any progress in getting gcc-4.3/gcj-4.3 built? Is the kernel
> header problem solved (or is there a workaround)? Would it help
> to disable running the testsuite for an initial upload?

gcc-4.3_4.3-20080104-1 did complete building on hobbes on January 14th. By
the time it had finished, you had already uploaded the next version. If
you want the build log, I can provide it.

IIRC I offered to push it to the upload queue manually but received no
response (the buildd won't let me automaticall upload something that is no
longer current). I still have the packages sitting on hobbes.

It seems Stephen has the package now - it took three and a half days to
build on hobbes, scale that by the buildd speed ...


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