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Re: [buildd] needs-build @ 914


> Having a smarter buildd queue is a long term goal and something that I
> wouldn't burden on the shoulders of the m68k porters. I already made some
> proposals to enhance the build process long ago. For example to not remove
> all installed packages, just to install most of them right again, as it is
> often the case for kde builds or such where many packages are
> build-depending on the same packages.

That really needs to be considered carefully, seeing as that keeping a
chroot as clean as possible has gone a long way to prevent install
dependency trouble in the past..

> Building the packages in the right build-dep order is another goal for an
> improved buildd queue.

That's the key thing - OTOH if a build dependency is not installable that
gets caught rather soon.

> Adding packages to N-F-U is a quick and maybe short-term solution, though...

I'd rather have a centrally maintained weak-no-auto to hack that. We can
advertise the number of packages currently on that list on the buildd
status page (or just reduce the needs-build number by the number of
packages in needs-build that are on the list instead). If a package turns
out to be of higher priority we can just manually schedule it.


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