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Re: 250 gig hard drives

DataZap ha scritto:
Thanks for the info. I would have to agree that it should work properly
with Amiga OS 3.9. It would be helpful to have the make and model of your
drive and the geometry that was set in HDtoolbox. Hopefully, that will be
enough information for me to still use 3.1 and yet be able to setup the

Hi, excuse me for the late reply.

Hard disk is a Maxtor 6B120P0 (120 GB, 8 MB buffer) and HDToolBox from OS 3.9 reports:

cylinders: 59554
heads: 16
blocks per track: 252
blocks per cylinder: 4032

with a total number of blocks of 240121728 (512 byte per block).

Hope this helps!

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