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atari support for parted

Quite some time ago (two years, yikes!) Guillaume Knispel wrote 
preliminary support for atari into parted at [0], see bug #239816.

[0] svn://svn.debian.org/svn/parted/upstream/people/xilun/trunk+atari/ 

I forward ported those patches to the latest version of parted and
tested it with d-i and aranym. It seems to work fine (I can create an
atari partition with d-i and then boot into it with aranym.)

It'd be nice if some of ya'll atari gurus could make sure parted seems
to do the right thing as far as ya'll are concerned. I put debs as [1].

[1] http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/atari-parted/

If I don't hear anything, I'll assume ya'll are happy and will submit a
patch against parted. At the least, we're close to having full
atari/aranym support in d-i.



Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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