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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

> > Anyway, end of rant. It's building pwlib now. There's a perl build running
> > as well so it may be a bit slower than usually.
> Great! perl's only blocking about 400 packages, it'd be nice if it built
> the first time. For those who haven't noticed, gcc-defaults got updated so

It did.

> the default compiler on m68k is now gcc-4.2. It's a good time to update
> the chroot.

Good point - it could not reinstall the old gcc after that; hope that
doesn't hurt.

> > Re: access to hobbes: I'll set that up as soon  as I have port forwarding
> > on the firewall set up. hobbes still has one major drawback for external
> > use: I can neither send nor receive mail via SMTP. Stupid Telecom NZ
> > firewalls that off, and does not provide instructions for using SMTP-AUTH
> > (or any mail gateway), either.
> Maybe uucp or bsmtp from gluck? Christian does something like that, I
> think.

uucp I had thought above before, but that's so sixties :-) bsmtp I need to
ask Christian about when he resurfaces.

> It's nice to have buildds coming up instead of going down. :)

I hope it stays up for a while now :-) Haven't had any power outage yet
(at least nothing that affected hobbes).


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