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Re: crest.d.o and m68k.d.o

On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 01:02:33AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
> > So I will (re)move the floppy in kullervo, so that the IDE disk/converter
> > can be mounted internally. The cover should fit on the case again then. The
> > floppy drive seems to be broken, so it will probably not be missed.
> I never used the floppy, but I may have disconnected it accidentially.

No, it is simply full of dust... I assume it is broken, but I am not going
to try with my precious DD disks again.

It seems I dont't need it anymore. I am _this_ close to obsoleting the IDE
disk in crest. The disks show up in AmigaOS, I got them validated, but it
the new boot disk is still unbootable. Dunno, next time. kullervo does not
see the disk at all in AmigaOS, for whatever reason.

BUT crest boots from hda1, kullervo boots from sda1. I managed to get video
out, in AmigaOS as in Linux, from the Picasso card in crest. kullervo has a
31kHz signal, so a standard VGA monitor can be hooked up to both machines.
Both machines boot 2.6.18-4, and in case that should not come up, they fall
back to a 2.4 kernel.
kullervo is upgraded to etch, crest is still running sarge, both have a
spare partition with a fresh etch install, plus an extra partition to test
the installer. And they have some space on /home, /org and 2G swap. This
should be sufficient for a while. So I hope they still work when they arrive
in Hamburg tomorrow. I prepared the network config, changed apt sources,
dupload and exim settings back to what was used in Duesseldorf. I hope I did
not forget anything.


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