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Re: crest.d.o and m68k.d.o


> So I will (re)move the floppy in kullervo, so that the IDE disk/converter
> can be mounted internally. The cover should fit on the case again then. The
> floppy drive seems to be broken, so it will probably not be missed.

I never used the floppy, but I may have disconnected it accidentially.

> Wouter, are you still interested in hosting crest (tower case, needs to lie
> flat, at least in my appartment, it was standing upright in Duesseldorf, but
> here the magnetic field lines are much more tilted than in D, maybe it does
> not like that)? crest also needs to boot from the old disk, but it has been

Maybe it needs a good reseating of the boards :-)

> working fine. I did not upgrade the root system, it still runs a 2.4 kernel,
> without problems I guess. I had updated kullervo to etch and it was running
> a 2.6 kernel fine. I don't know, if this is wanted for crest also.
> Michael, any hints about the covers for crest? BTW kullervos email to you is
> rejected, it is sent directly, not via my ISP, so it is classified as
> spam...

I never found the covers for crest, but I will give the colleagues un
Duesseldorf a call (they should be moving all of the lab stuff out of the
storage space by now, and maybe that'll make the shelves with the old
computer parts a bit more accessible).


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