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Re: crest.d.o and m68k.d.o

On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 01:28:21AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> P.S.: new disk for kullervo? When did the old one die, then?

It did not die, none of the two tiny internal disks, nor the external disk.
I just got tired of all the noise and weird setup, what are disks with less
than 1GB still good for other than heating my appartment? So I finally
bought the IDE-SCSI adapters I have been talking about for years, and a
250GB disk, for both crest and kullervo. crest has been using this disk for
a least a month without any problems, other than me not being able to make
the machine boot from the new installation, but that is probably due to the
fact that I partitioned the disk and installed AmigaOS on it from my Amiga,
since I have a working video out there. crest is a little picky in that
regard (15kHz vs 31kHz modes), but I will try it again there, too, in case I
succeed with kullervo.

Oh, ftpmaster seems to be back up, but aahz can not get packages from
incoming anymore?

Err http://incoming.debian.org  Packages
  403 Forbidden


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