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Re: m68k toolchain status?

On 7/27/07, Michael Schmitz <schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> > also, libc6 is two points behind (one major and one minor),
> > 2.6 came out several weeks back and another upgrade of it
> > last weekend.
> Patches welcome.
>         Michael

1) there is an official upstream maintainer for libc6 at least
at gnu listed as Andreas Schwab (schwab@suse.de) ...

2) in 2004 Mathias submitted to gnu.org testsuite results for
debian arches with gcc3.3 including m68k. for 4.1 there were
also tests made and submitted but not for m68k. for 4.2 tests are
submitting presently (on the mail list but not fully archived yet).

the reason partly i ask is that there seems to have been some
difficulty building current kernel with gcc4.1. and I wonder if
some problem may have been perpetuated there somehow ??
has m68k ever "passed" the 4.1 test suite ?? ≈


ps I guess you can't use __built-in_ libc functions to build gcc4.2 ??

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