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Re: working xorg.conf i promised

Results of us keyboard repeat :
here all keys do repeat.
tests on quadra 630, kernel 2.6.21-2-mac - from debian mirrors- , xorg-7.1.1, 
release  etch-m68k.
very likely, availble on every mac who boot that kernel, and do start X.
please,use keypad without numlock enabled, for:
arrow up, down, left and right: 8, 2, 4 and 6 key;
move to begining or end line: 7, 1 key;
page up - down:  3, 9 key;
other combinations are possible...
sorry for that !
who/how to remede this ?

2007/7/11, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net>:

If I read you right, you are running xorg 7.1.1 under etch-m68k on
several Mac systems.  I have installed Woody and Sarge on Quadra 630,
Quadra 700, and Quadra 840av systems and have noticed that on all of
these systems key repeat does not work in X.  It does work in the
console, but in X you can hold down a key on the keyboard all day long
and get only a single keystroke, be it in an xterm or a word processor.
I once had Potato installed on a Mac IIci.  That was a long time ago, so
my memory is hazy, but I don't recall noticing this problem on that
system.  I believe that Potato used xfree and Woody introduced x.org
(though I could be wrong on this.)

My hypothesis has been that the problem lies in x.org. I'm curious to
see your findings on this.  If etch-m68k/xorg 7.11 fixes this problem, I
have some strong motivation to upgrade.

Just to clarify, the problem only occurs using the Mac's ADB keyboard.
I can use X apps remotely with "ssh -X frankenmac" without the key
repeat issue.

Regards, -ee

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